Bobble&stripes, last pattern and cushions finishing


Here comes the latest pattern for our crochet cushions worked with Milo yarn. So, the first 2 patterns exploited bricks and the third pattern was a stripe motif. And this fourth is a bobble&stripes motif, in a regular alternation of brown and cream. For a 40x40cm cushion work 20x20cm each motif square. When you have finished all motifs, you can get on with the finishing.

Motif with bobbles and stripes

bobble&stripes motif

With a 3.00mm crochet hook and brown yarn ch a number, as long as desired, multiple of 4 plus 1. Work a row of dc, then join cream yarn and work 2 rows of dc in cream. Then work following row (cream bobble row): ch3 (= first tr); * 1 bobble into each of next 3 sts [bobble = yarn on hook (yo), insert hook into next st and draw a loop, (yo, insert hook into same st and draw a loop) twice more,

bobble step

yo and draw through all loops on hook, closing bobble], 1 tr into next st; rep from * to end. Work another row of dc with cream yarn, then with brown yarn work following row (brown bobble row): ch3 (= first tr), * 1 bobble into next st, 1 tr into next st, 1 bobble into each of next 2 sts; rep from * to last st, end with 1 tr instead of a bobble. Work 3 rows of dc with brown yarn. Rep last 8 rows throughout–4 rows cream and 4 rows brown- until work is as long as required, ending with a row of dc with brown yarn. Fasten off.

And now…the Cushion!

The four motifs are there! To obtain a cushion measuring approx 40x40cm, we need 8 square motifs, whose 4 for frontside and 4 for backside. Taking inspiration from two different arrangements proposed or following your personal imagination, you have to work required number of motifs in order to obtain a cushion or more cushions.
When all the motifs are finished and ready to join, it is necessary to make them all the same size with the getting in shape, as follows: first, fasten off and weave in ends. Lay out Motifs on a flat surface, covered with an ironing cloth. Pin out each Motif to measurements. Cover with a slightly damp cloth and leave to dry. Remove the pins only when the cloth and the Motif are perfectly dry.
Now join 4 Motifs with yarn needle or crochet hook, taking corresponding edge stitches of two neighboring Motifs. Follow preferred arrangement to have frontside panel and backside panel.

cushion arrangement 1


cushion arrangement 2.

To make up the cushion, with Frontside and Backside panel RS facing, sew 3 sides. Turn the cushion on RS, insert cushion pad, then sew open side. If you prefer, you can sew a zip fastener in the middle of Backside panel omitting central sewing.

The cushion – or pair of cushions – is ready!