Skirt suits with crocheted top coords


Every summer brings new women’s skirt suits, almost always coordinated with a top. Trends launch the right combinations to be cool. So, let’s give space to the mini skirt, paired with crop-tops and corsets. But there is also room for knee-length or maxi skirt, with matching micro tops and bralettes.

The warm season favors fresh 100% natural fibers, such as those of the crochet suits we present. They are Cotton from Nuovo Jaipur and Sugar Cane from Sugar.

We start with the natural suit in a delicate neutral shade. The short skirt uses the two techniques, knitting needles for the stocking stitch half and crochet hook for the fancy net stitch. The matching short top, with dropped sleeves, is all crocheted and creates a fan with another mesh pattern.

natural suit

We then continue with the Bahamas suit, all crocheted and dyed green. The skirt skims knee and alternates trebles in the first half and a lace motif in the second one. Top is actually a bra with an original trim of rings covered in double crochet.

Bahamas suit

Natural and Bahamas Suits