Green mood on current knitted garments


It is fashion color of winter 2023, and of next spring/summer. Let’s enjoy a bit of green mood on knitted garments for the coming weeks. We bet on designer patterns to compose chic combinations to wear at all moments of the day. We chose the most vibrant shades of two classic yarns, Merinocot and Asian, and turned them into two creative patterns.

Let’s start with a chic, fitted undershirt. Back is entirely in K4, P4 rib. Sleeves, upper Front and border Front also have ribs, but in K4, P5 variation.

green, chic undershirt

The focus, however, is on the lower Front, enhanced by a fine eyelet pattern. Accompanying chart there are three video tutorials centered on a single repetition in width and height.
The first video shows how to work beginning rows with distribution of knit stitches, purl stitches, increases and decreases.

In the second video, however, we start from about mid-work. You can see how to proceed at the maximum width of motif.

The final rows close motif and complete the rows-repetition, as we present in the third video.

The second green model is an artistic sweater. Front and sleeves have a very simple stocking stitch texture and borders in K1, P1 rib. Back, on the other hand, is a very elaborate panel with a huge openwork motif, a true work of ‘handcrafted art’!

green artistic sweater

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